De'Figues Double Serum

Not one, but TWICE the power of Serum in your hand!

Certified Halal & Safe

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De'Figues Tinted Moisturizer

Beautiful, Smooth & Protects Your Skin

Herlysa Vegan Tinted Moisturizer Halal

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Herlysa Vegan Double Serum Halal

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De'Figues Double Serum

Not One, But Twice The Power Of Serum In Your Hands!

De'Figues Hydrating Mist

Cozy, AromaticΒ & Long Lasting Freshness.

Herlysa Vegan Hydrating Mist Halal

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Herlysa Vegan R'Seven Skin Care Set Halal

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R'Seven Skin Care Set

Complete Set That Meet The Needs Of Your Skin.