Ainaa Herlysa soap addiction started at a very young age when she was 18 years old.  She just loves soap bars. She never thought of leaving her skin dry because she will add a moisturizing lotion to her skin after every shower.  It wasn’t until later she discovered the missing ingredient in the soaps. She discovered that most store-bought soaps lack this ingredient, the reason why people need to add moisturizer after cleansing.  The ingredient is glycerine!  That is when she started to test and made her own handmade soap at a mini store at home.

What started as a self-project, then became a hobby, and now a destiny. Ainaa Herlysa belief in something revolutionary that business could be a force for good. Following her vision that is natural ingredients are beautiful, Ainaa Herlysa try to offer creativity, innovation and solutions that nourish and protect the skin and body. Thus, she comes with her skincare series, called Herlysa Vegan. Herlysa Vegan use vegan, organic and natural based ingredients. Being the first skincare in Asia that use superfruits figs (ficus carica) that is a powerful antioxidants and are said  to protect the skin against free radicals and to have anti-inflammatory effects.

When it comes to skincare, consumers have become more ethically-minded over the last decade. That’s why Herlysa Vegan is committed to provide skincare products that consumer can really trust.

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